COMPLEX HUMANBEING;understanding yourself beyond appearance

I’ll start by saying if you have good morals you are beautiful 😍 .Do you really think your physical appearance is the thing that makes you beautiful well there are alot aloooot of things that make you beautiful

You’re body your appearance is the list interesting thing about you, you’re a complex human whose been through alot hence making your appearance list important .Beauty is subjective cause to one person i might be pretty but to the other weeel i might not be that pretty we have to admit it,everyone is pretty in their own way i hate to say that cause it sounds so cringy cause Allah has taken forth oath when making you or any other person and telling us how beautiful we here hence why i say so

The main reason why you’d see yourself not to be as preety as the society makes it seem is cause you’ve surrounded yourself with people who make you feel that way, so my question is why surround yourself with people who dont appreciate you for who you are if they dont accept you for that what makes you think that they are indeed your friends, thats hard for alot of people to admit. If you’re surrounding yourself with people who don’t constantly remind you about God , about how important you are ,the positive things about you then you should just cut them off cause they are doing more harm.what is the need for them, stop booking slots in your life with useless people 😊, stop investing your energy in useless friendship/companionship its not doing any good cause you’re killing yourself slowly by slowly and there is no need. Shove ghe energy back to yourself and you’ll be ten times better thank me latter .Don’t surround yourself with people who dont treat you the same way you treat them πŸ’― .

We’ve made physical appearance a big dramatic disease literally πŸ™„, for instance whats your defination of a preety/handsome person if i were to ask people I’d have gotten funny answers with unimaginable features πŸ˜„. Girls for instance usually feel insecure when they cant keep up with certain trends i was personally a victim i hated myself so much cause i could keep up with whatever my mates were doing it ruined me , i did alot of stupid thing but thanks to some two friends of mine i realised whatever i was doing was stupid af.(Get yourself friends like mine )

You’re a human being not a robot you dont have to change yourself on a daily basis so that the society accepts you i mean look at you a whole package πŸ˜‰ why bother cause of some stupid society standards. The day you’ll accept that you’ll make people to learn how to accept and appreciate you for who you are, you’ll attract the real ones.If you can’t attract yourself then you’ll obviously not attract people to you sweetheart. If you’re struggling to love yourself what makes you think someone else will love you, im not saying that to be mean, tolerate yourself and you’ll be a happy human.Be kind to yourself hunny

I love you and you are preety/handsome


I started writing with no heading , well I’ve been thinking about alot alot of stuff that i consider useless but anyway we move.

I dream of the day I’ll have the maarifa to write lile other bloggers cause tbh i only use my site to pour out my emotions. As i said when i started i have no heading in mind so I’ll write anything that crosses my mind

To begin with i have several posts that i haven’t posted i usually right then get bored along the way .I even set a blogger reminder that reminds me of when to post but all that is pointless cause I’m ever ignoring the reminder , school is just draining me 😩my head will soon burst

I should probably start a series of life as surgical technologist/students life. I dont even know why I’m writing whatever I’m written but we move regardless.


Im sure if i was to ask around the idea of a perfect man I’d get stuff like tall dark handsome clean caring sweet blablabla where do the not so handsome men go to .T he unrealistic images of men we girls make are the reason why people are suffering and making stupid decisions out here .

Funny thing a large percentage of girls with the perfect man idea end up marrying people who are no where close to the men they’ve created in their imaginations .Worse of it all is that the people with the idea of a “perfect man are not even perfect themselves. The things rounding them off to the nearest female is the one full bag of cement applied on their not so perfect face to make them”attractive”.Why would one want five star treatment yet they deserve one star πŸ˜† lol!

I’m not perfect myself that i must admit. My thought of a perfect man will obviously be different and probably weird but it is what it is. My attraction to the physique of a person is like 2% not that I’d like to a not so good looking person but there is more to someone’s physical appearance. I know i sound like a 60year old grandmother hehe. A perfect man is a man you’d want to be with for the rest of your life .As much asi love you the love we share cant be turned to food neither cant it settle bills .For the keen readers they’ve probably gotten my point . A perfect man is a man who you can be with and everything moves smoothly he should be like a business partner .What are the qualities you’d look for in a business partner? The answer you’ve said weel to me that is what you should look for when looking for a perfect man

Someone you can relay on and he can equally relay on you, someone you can seat down argue like mature adults and come up with something reasonably. A guy who can openly tell you not to do a certain thing without fearing that you’ll get offended, a guy who valls a spade a spade πŸ˜‰ someone who you’re comfortable being with for the rest of your life because of their problem solving skills, someone you’re comfortable having kids with , someone who doesn’t flip now thats a perfect man

With love


By now you have already known that maybe just maybe you will not be getting angels and perspectives,, only you’ll get stories too .The account name is a pseudonym ,a front basically,but not the one you might be thinking, secret swiss bank account to launder money

I’ll be talking about friends, friendship rather,one of the complex yet simple human relationship

Friendship in the modern times entails alot of things,which might not necessarily be based on that foundation which it was originally meant to be . Friends are supposed ,or so I think , to be people that are there for you wholly,your lowest as well as your highest times, I mean if blood is thicker than water what will stop friendship being one of the most essentially human relationships?

I am not saying that you create commandments to base upon as criteria to choose your friends,, after all your not Moses and some mountains are not worth climbing for.

You get the drift , friends are supposed to be people who stand by you and not only that but also stand for something.If you and your friend do not have the same mindset on things , not saying you will always have to agree on everything so long as you respect each other’s stand.You think about that

Your friends should be people that will support you , support here doesn’t have to be monetary, it can be your presence,, just being there as sometimes that just cuts it ,, it’s usually enough

Friendships have alot of expectations.its hard not to expect anything, it would be an exercise in futility.That would be a business doing something and to get nothing in return,, try that and see.It might not be your cup of tea, learning how to navigate this part might be a make or break thing for most friendships.It is usually healthy to talk about it earlier .Don’t let unspoken expectations turn into pre mediated resentments

Every friend has a key to unlock some part of who you are . sometimes you ask yourself how did I let someone into my circle.Some unlock toxic traits others make you bloom,some friends you have ,, have little in common ,, you might just call them aquaintances but you are afraid of how the world will judge you Most of us find ourselves in this situation maybe it’s someone who your clinging on to despite the fact that there is real nothing that binds you two together .Be smart or if there is ,, it’s chocking you let go save yourself ✌️

With loveee peace ✌️


Hii I have been nominated by an amazing friend or should I call him family for the sunshine blogger award thank you@Http://nonsothewriter.wordpress.comπŸ’«

Questions from nonso. 1.when was your toughest time blogging; answer ( I’d say the time things began changing at home dad lost his job and mom too due to the pandemic it really affected my mental health). 2.If you were to look back to the beginning would you say you’ve achieved alot (yes I have achieved alot I am not a good writer as such but I know I have improved a lot plus I’ve known good people the likes of nonso 😌 I love you nonso) . 3.Any obstacles faced by blogging big yes explain.( Obstacles make you strong so yes I’ve had obstacles the app I use is in my phone it keeps crashing soni end up taking a long time to update stuff I need a new phone πŸ˜“). 4 .How does your inspiration come by (😹 weel my inspiration comes from 3 major things one the sky everytime I’m low I just look at the sky and get inspired,number two I’d say some two friends of mine Oliver oyanda and Albert Mwencha they prolly won’t see or read but I draw lotsa inspiration from them the two are interlectual and open minded alpha males yes they are weird thats what I love most about them😊). 5.Aside blogging what else do you do ..(I love novels so I usually ready novels daily,, I also love bitting people I’m Suarez’s female version ,, the other thing is video games 😊). 6.who is your favorite blogger( weell all the bloggers I know are my favorite I won’t choose a specific person but I love all your blogs so all of you are my favorites β™₯️). 6.The country that mostly views your blog(united states of America send hugs and kisses πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ’―). 7.Are you more creative at night or during the day or are you fluid (😹😹I’m not so sure but I’d sai I fluid). 8.what is blogging like to you(blogging is basically my life ,, I have a small family here blogging is my life my open diary where ni come to cry and celebrate 😊). 9.Do you ever go back to your previous posts .How do you feel about them(yes I do almost daily,how I feel about them huum I have improved at the beginning I was just there my likes were less but now my stats always boom) . 10.whats your opinion about life( life is a journey it’s a long road it requires one to make sober decision in order to live a good life nothing comes easily ,, so be wise life is unfair but always pray for the best πŸ€—)

Here are my 11 nominees ✌️


I was nominated by 3yellowdaisies.Thank you for the nomination.I really appreciate itπŸ€—

RULES. Link to the blogger who nominated you. Seven random facts about you. Seven creative and beautiful bloggers

SEVEN RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME. 1. I love being alone it gives me time to regain my energy and also clear my mind. 2.I love water yeahyeah I fucking love water I always tell my few friends emphasis on few to hydrate. 3.I hate celebrating my birthday I always wish people could forget it I hate being told happy birthday too 4.I love black and grey get me anything in those colors I’ll be happy 😁. 5.I love my two bestfriend’s Carah and Oliver they are such amazing souls if I could I’d buy them mount everest. 6.I love candie’s and strawberries. 7. I am one sturbon person it’s in me,, I love bitting people’s arms I love ears and cute lips

I am nominating the following the


I had missed my kabeautiful blog where i pour all my heart without any fear whatsoever. At night where you get thoughts πŸ€” thoughts that make you wonder . I was watching something a while ago about marriages πŸ’‘ .TBH marriage is a very good thing .It has its pros and cons though .When one gets married they are usually happy 😊 they only think about the pros.

Before getting married alot of ( stupid ) things are done the dowry bit to be specific according to africans most of them that is girls are usually exchanged for cows. I still dont know why a girls worth is compared to a mere cow ,goats or money. It’s a total waste of resources .Imagine paying 20cows for a girl who can barely cook the only thing she is good at is painting her nails and applying a million layers of make up on her not so beautiful face just to please the society not even the spouse lol! I have no issue with dowry if only , realistic dowry is a tick for me but the unnecessary stuff we make men to go through is just sad πŸ˜” .

I didn’t have a tittle πŸ˜‚ forgive me


😌it’s been a minute heyy awesome people welcome back to my small world 😁 hope y’all good and hydrating plus keeping safe

I’ll begin, I’m not a perfect writers and my grammer is pathetic..I have a friend I hold her so dearly , I was to write some weeks ago but I didn’t know where to begin.Well her name is Tatyana She is tall lightskin complexion,, very cute eyes and lips mores when she applies the pink one I call her sis and I fucking love her.She is always there , the sister I’ve dreamed to have though lately we’ve drifted and it’s kinda my fault πŸ˜“

I am one emotional girl I cry alot . Evertime I have an issue I’d tell her, when people kept rediculing my weight and stuff I’d tell her ,she really lent me a helping hand.I don’t know how or what I will do so that she knows I appreciate her

Dear sis,,, yeah ik we drifted and stuff but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of our friendship and sister bond,, you’ve been helpful alot and I honestly don’t take it for granted.If I was able I’d gift you the best gift but a day will come sis.I will keep praying for you,, praying that all your dreams come true and pray that you get more cute kittens

I appreciate everything sfmm , it’s funny how we became friends the friendship escalated to sisterhood yet we’ve not meet on person,, it’s funny how happy I feel knowing I have a sister who is a lawyer πŸ˜‚ a lawyer to be ,, the smart girl that always pushes me, the girl who shows much affect the girl who is just amazing

Tatyana ik short paragraphs are better compared to long ones filled with lies ✌️but eehm lemme just say I don’t care I mean every word I’ve said I fucking appreciate you . Y’all need a Tatyana in your life .She gives the motherly kinda love β™₯️who wouldn’t want that

Sis I love you so much,, and appreciate the little time we’ve known each other God willing we will go far I just pray so. I loooooooove you soooo much 😌 thank you for everything πŸ’―βœŒοΈit’s just that I don’t speak Spanish.I love you more than you love your preety lil kitten

Thank you for reaching this far I don’t take it for granted adios

There is this girlπŸ˜ŒπŸ’“

Heyy welcome back to my small world😁.Today I’ll be writing about a girl so special

Daughters are the angels sent by God from heaven,, baby though you ain’t paternal ilyyysffmm.You came to fulfill my life and you did it in the most perfect way .I am proud to be your mother having you my beautiful girlll.My prayers are always with you

If there is one person in this world I love more than myself is you.Your happiness is always my first priority .Baby I love you

Dear daughter , you are my pride .No matter how hard last few gets ,, I will never let sadness touch you😌😊.In the end your happiness is what matters 😌β™₯️

You don’t have just a beautiful face but also a beautiful heart.Always trying to light up the lives of others with all that’s good in you I love you Mercy clarettt

I love you so much baby,,,, like comment

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