By now you have already known that maybe just maybe you will not be getting angels and perspectives,, only you’ll get stories too .The account name is a pseudonym ,a front basically,but not the one you might be thinking, secret swiss bank account to launder money

I’ll be talking about friends, friendship rather,one of the complex yet simple human relationship

Friendship in the modern times entails alot of things,which might not necessarily be based on that foundation which it was originally meant to be . Friends are supposed ,or so I think , to be people that are there for you wholly,your lowest as well as your highest times, I mean if blood is thicker than water what will stop friendship being one of the most essentially human relationships?

I am not saying that you create commandments to base upon as criteria to choose your friends,, after all your not Moses and some mountains are not worth climbing for.

You get the drift , friends are supposed to be people who stand by you and not only that but also stand for something.If you and your friend do not have the same mindset on things , not saying you will always have to agree on everything so long as you respect each other’s stand.You think about that

Your friends should be people that will support you , support here doesn’t have to be monetary, it can be your presence,, just being there as sometimes that just cuts it ,, it’s usually enough

Friendships have alot of expectations.its hard not to expect anything, it would be an exercise in futility.That would be a business doing something and to get nothing in return,, try that and see.It might not be your cup of tea, learning how to navigate this part might be a make or break thing for most friendships.It is usually healthy to talk about it earlier .Don’t let unspoken expectations turn into pre mediated resentments

Every friend has a key to unlock some part of who you are . sometimes you ask yourself how did I let someone into my circle.Some unlock toxic traits others make you bloom,some friends you have ,, have little in common ,, you might just call them aquaintances but you are afraid of how the world will judge you Most of us find ourselves in this situation maybe it’s someone who your clinging on to despite the fact that there is real nothing that binds you two together .Be smart or if there is ,, it’s chocking you let go save yourself ✌️

With loveee peace ✌️

9 thoughts on “FRIENDS

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