Heyy awesome people welcome back to my small world 😁 hope y’all fine and good ,, and keeping safe 😌not forgetting to hydrate 😂who doesn’t want clear skin I mean whooo??

I’ll be sharing a story ,,, I’ve struggled and I know there is someone else struggling sis or bro you are not alone.

Growing up I didn’t love myself which I would call it a disease we are all different , I don’t know how you define beauty but as for me beauty is the glow someone has almost resembling rose flower ,, long cute hair ,,white yes ,,pink lips ,, nice body good scene of fashion etc(tell me your description of a beautiful person)

So eeehm there is this time my uncle told me that if I shave my hair he will give me 20 shillings and by then 20 kenyan shillings was alot of money ,, I was your around 6years .😂 stupid Joan didn’t decline the offer boom I went to the barber then puff all my hair was down 😓 that’s where the issue began On Monday as I went to school everybody laughed at me 😓I will never forget that day I was given names ,,my self-confidence issues began,,, all of my friends had cute long hair ,,we all know how hair looks like after being straightened but as for me I had nothing

My parents are people who love simple life ,,, not that they aren’t classy and shieet but there are things they wouldn’t do ,, they were Adventist so I was not allowed to wear tight trouser .So there was a trending cloth it was known as hipster I tried convincing my mom to get me one but she said nooo .I really cried

My friends kept telling me joan you are ugly you don’t know how to dress your sense of fashion is boring you should just live in the village , those words really affected me and I was young so since childhood I knew I was ugly

After growing up my parents allowed me to wear trouser but they didn’t allow me to have my hair back so the barber was my “bestfriend”imagine how someone looks like wearing a trouser and shaved hair jordan to be precise.So in class seven some girl came and told me joan you are really ugly there is no Man who can stare at you twice😤. luckily puberty took course well my body changed and I began being confident as a girls we are prone to getting stretch marks 😓my stretch marks were on open place that is my chest and legs Every girl knows the Pain of having stretch marks it’s not easy

So eeehm in highschool I was a member of the St john ambulance and part of the uniform was a skirt I happen to be hippy so my skirt was short hence people could see my legs and blaaa.So there was this girl she went and told my deskmate joan thinks she looks so nice yet her legs are full of stretch marks i,,, I cried after hearing that I am one emotional person 😭

But after sometime I saw it was pointless ,, having stretch marks isn’t bad sis ,, stretch marks tell your story don’t let anyone pull you down shine with those stretch marks 😊if you happen to have arm fat it’s perfectly normal don’t be shy shine your way ..you don’t have to dress in a specific way so as to please people if you are comfortable in those culothes others opinions shouldn’t matter

Learn how to love yourself and trust me nobody will lower your esteem ,,love yourself sis love yourself bro nobody has a right to define how preety you are Above all be greatful ,,, the one we serve the most high had no room for mistakes while creating you .we are all fearfully and wonderfully made . chubby,,thick ,, petite you are pretty,, if you have acne it makes you preety you just don’t know if you have stretch marks they are pretty 😉 just look at how zebra marks are pretty

Thank you for reaching this far ,,, love yourself you don’t need somebody else’s approval 😌✌️you are perfect just the way you are 😘

With love from joan✌️ like share and comment ,, your comments are important 😊don’t forget to define beauty down below if it helped you share and tell me yes it helped ✌️

25 thoughts on “LEARNING TO LOVE YOURSELF ❤️

  1. Description of beauty? I can’t. I am a girl who has acne on my face. When I was in schoo,l my name was ‘ himalaya ‘ ( a face wash for pimples ). At that time mumma said ” it’s because you are growing up. It’s normal for a girl) but I cried a lot. So we started a treatment. But nothing happened. I’ve tried many things but it’s all useless. I’m in college now. Almost 6 years but my face is still……. . But my self confidence, I never hated myself. Because I know my face doesn’t mean anything if I’m talented and smart. I’m good at many things. I study well, I cook well, I write well, I know knitting, sketching and many things. I win debate and speech competition in my college. Even I am good at sports.

    But you know as a girl no Matter how good I am in study or sports or cooking. But still I have to face the fact that I am not beautiful an attractive. Still I never click photos. I never go in any occasion because I know that………. .

    Anyway thank you Joan. For this wonderful post. I’ve said many things. I should stop now.

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  2. Heello…nice piece, seof love is the greatest love you can ever receive.
    I define someone’s beauty by how they treat and relate with other people. It is all in someone’s heart and has nothing to do with physical looks.

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  3. This world has so much negativity, designed to keep us apart from the truth of our real beauty and the wonder of this amazing creation that is US. I grew up being teased and rejected often and it didn’t end after school years. That self criticism sure can live on. Media perpetuates it, too, telling us what is beautiful and what isn’t and social media has just increased that. So it’s great that you’ve learned to love and accept yourself for you, just as you are right now!

    Thanks for following my blog and introducing me to yours! Happy blogging!

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