Heyy my wonderful people ,, thanks for the 200 plus follows and the 1000+likes the happen to motivate me alot I appreciate .The support you give ,, the comments you people are like my small family I love y’all.

So what I’ll be writing about today huumm , as always I didn’t have a topic so pardon me. I will write about different topic ..

Struggles: ehhm i know it’s not everyone who is willing to tell people their sruggles,, we all struggle it’s like survival for the fittest.Some do it to make ends meet but my question is do ends really meet.We have different types of struggle but my main objective today is the teen struggle.Sadly most teens are loosing themselves ,, they tend to follow the crowd rather than being above the crowd heartbreaking I know.. lemme break it down , the advancement in technology had it’s merits and demerits

Most teens want to be like others hence forcing things for example eeh boys tend to value shoes so it happens every of his friends has the latest trending shoes and since he wants to fit in he will try all ways possible to acquire it.You might find that the parent can’t afford the trending shoe he or she can be able to buy non labeled shoes,,so the child might opt to steal in order to get money so as to fit in. The second case is for girls so what I’ll major on is the body😂 naturally girls are weak people sorry to say then one can get controlled easily if she doesn’t have a firm stand

The boyfriends to most girls tend to be the problem so the boy might tell the girl if your butt was that big you’d look really nice.The girl will struggle by all means possible to get the ass besides the boyfriend said she’d look nice

I don’t want my piece to be long all I am saying we are all different we don’t have to be like others,,there is a reason why you are called Austin and not Andrea .You know where the shoe pinches ,, let nobody dictate you

You don’t have to own expensive things so as to get loved that isn’t love .Try being you all your problems will disappear.say it aloud I am different your opinion alone is enough thanks for reading I appreciate like share and comment

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