Heyy lil world hope y’all good 😊 and hydrating stay safe

So I decided to write about my stuggles , the first one is my self- esteem .Well as a girl it’s perfectly normal to have esteem issues they tend to bring you down trust me it’s the worst experience ever. Most of my friends have lemme say nice body shapes okay not that mine is bad but weeel I admire theirs

I happen to be a thick lady or should I say fat to me I’m fat and I fucking hate Everything about my body. I’m too big yes I k ow some of you will be like go work out and stuff I’ve tried it but I’ve never seen a change .I have tried lotsa things none of the bore fruits , I know persistency is key but is it necessary.My weight tends to pull me down I actually refuse to meet up with my friends case of it I’m just Never comfortable. I’m so insecure I mean someone might confuse me for their mother

The other struggle I have is my dressing .. well I never thought of it but as I was conversing with someone the person randomly said the next time you go for shopping make sure I’m there .Maybe I am overreacting but upto date the words keep lingering in my mind . If I was asked to rate my clothing I’d give myself a 2 out of 10 . I don’t have trendy clothes and honestly I don’t care 😂 I have funny pair of shoes they don’t have labels I don’t care,, provided im not walking naked iss goods

But the biggest struggle is my weight ,, how I wish I was tinny abit yes I’m perfect the way I am but I’m not comfortable .I try avoiding it but it fucking hurts😓did I mention that evertime I serve myself food relatives keep complaining are you watching weight or something who told you eating less will make you slim.Its not easy ,, there was a time they thought I was suffering from aneroxia nervosa .What they don’t know is that’s I lack appetite..Help me change my attitude comment down below what I can do to fix it

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20 thoughts on “STRUGGLES

  1. Love let me start, with you’re just a gem a fucking gem and you’re good the way you are, don’t force yourself if it isn’t working I love you just the way you are and you should feel good about yourself no matter what others tell you, I love you just the way you are just as I always tell you, and if you accept you the way I do I think youll feel better about it, I love you okay.

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  2. I have wrestled with weight issues all my life. In addition, when I was at school, bullies tormented me. Sometimes the “bullies in my head” still torment me. My therapist, my safety gauge in life, told me a LONG time ago that I was sold a shoddy bag of goods and need to stop paying the negative voices any more brainpower. And that’s what I work on every day. Acceptance is the first step. One thing that helps me is that you don’t have to like something to accept it. Whatever you do, don’t give into the bullies, especially the ones in your head. They are NOT real. YOU are real and beautiful and deserve to buy yourself a red, orange or pink garment and go out and be heard and seen and admired. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for the downcast and the voiceless. Do it for my son who lost the battle to the bullies in his head. Just do it, because we, the vulnerable, need your beauty to shine and be heard. Repeat after me, with each breath you take throughout the day, “I have value.”

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  3. Growing up my sister was plus size and I was pitiably thin. I wanted to be like her and she longed to be like me. She took drastic measures like going hungry for days while I satisfied myself with all the goodies to fatten up, all to no avail! Instead, she got sick and worn out and I ended up with fat cheeks only. Hehehe.

    She’s naturally big and couldn’t possibly shrink to my size and I couldn’t expand to her size due to difference in bone structure – body built and function.

    Nature couldn’t be cheated. I couldn’t get rid of my “thinness” and she couldn’t get rid of her “bigness”. We were trapped in our beautiful bodies which we didn’t like but which some people were dying to for

    But we grew up

    When we did, we began to appreciate our bodies when we began to get admirers.

    Now we concentrate on staying healthy rather than reducing or increasing weight.

    The key: Stay active, stay healthy. Love yourself, be yourself.

    No matter how you are, you’re beautiful.

    Someone somewhere loves you the way you are.

    Best regards

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  4. As the title states you are different and that’s true you should accept yourself……..and let not other people opinions lower yourself esteem……I don’t know why you are saying you are fat but infact you aren’t fat to me that is …….your just thick………just delete, block anything you can do to forget the harsh words said to you about your body……
    Just expect who you are cause God never makes a mistake
    And lastly I repeat you are not Fat you are just thick……’s just that you have crippled your mind to always see that you are fat…….
    I love you 💕

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  5. You are so sweet Joan. And so loveable 😍
    All of us are unique. We don’t know what would work for us. But we must begin by accepting what we are and know that : I am a pure and beautiful soul. I should next have pure and happy thoughts. Last comes the body: right diet with some work out would bring you to: Your Optimum Weight and Health.

    You know Joan, all of us have our struggles. We live in a world of duality- Pleasure and Pain go hand in hand ..

    Lots of love and all the very best.

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