😌it’s been a minute heyy awesome people welcome back to my small world 😁 hope y’all good and hydrating plus keeping safe

I’ll begin, I’m not a perfect writers and my grammer is pathetic..I have a friend I hold her so dearly , I was to write some weeks ago but I didn’t know where to begin.Well her name is Tatyana She is tall lightskin complexion,, very cute eyes and lips mores when she applies the pink one I call her sis and I fucking love her.She is always there , the sister I’ve dreamed to have though lately we’ve drifted and it’s kinda my fault 😓

I am one emotional girl I cry alot . Evertime I have an issue I’d tell her, when people kept rediculing my weight and stuff I’d tell her ,she really lent me a helping hand.I don’t know how or what I will do so that she knows I appreciate her

Dear sis,,, yeah ik we drifted and stuff but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of our friendship and sister bond,, you’ve been helpful alot and I honestly don’t take it for granted.If I was able I’d gift you the best gift but a day will come sis.I will keep praying for you,, praying that all your dreams come true and pray that you get more cute kittens

I appreciate everything sfmm , it’s funny how we became friends the friendship escalated to sisterhood yet we’ve not meet on person,, it’s funny how happy I feel knowing I have a sister who is a lawyer 😂 a lawyer to be ,, the smart girl that always pushes me, the girl who shows much affect the girl who is just amazing

Tatyana ik short paragraphs are better compared to long ones filled with lies ✌️but eehm lemme just say I don’t care I mean every word I’ve said I fucking appreciate you . Y’all need a Tatyana in your life .She gives the motherly kinda love ♥️who wouldn’t want that

Sis I love you so much,, and appreciate the little time we’ve known each other God willing we will go far I just pray so. I loooooooove you soooo much 😌 thank you for everything 💯✌️it’s just that I don’t speak Spanish.I love you more than you love your preety lil kitten

Thank you for reaching this far I don’t take it for granted adios

Published by Joan ♈

Pace fashion co-founder, culinary arts master, I write to pass time


    1. Tatyana’s face reading this🥺🥺.she’s really lucky to have you in her life and vice versa it was such a touching tribute I felt every word….
      Your blog is interesting bestie keep
      Going you’ll go far❤️❤️😌

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