Hey ,, do you know what huum have you seen the preetiest person on Earth,, do you know how he or she looks like ,,, the person has preety cute eyes a nice smile a killer ,, perfect definition of perfection.Sweet person kind and caring ,, compassionate and is always ready to help😌

Welcome to my world or should I say our world ,, the person I’m speaking about is you an me yes you it might be nonso the writing (nonso I love you) Y’all are amazingly awesome ,, yes we all have imperfections but learning how to let go of them is key.Nobody is perfect we are all humans,, you might not have the prettiest eyes but your legs are fucking cute ,, your eyes are pretty yoy are also so pretty/handsome

The love you people have given to me is nice,, if I could I’d plan a big celebration,, meet all of you hug you .All of you are like family it’s just that i might not know all of you.The comments you give I have to admit they have made me stronger

I fucking hated everything about me but I finally saw the light ,, you might think that you ain’t preety but to someone else your are a dime ,, a golden charm yes you the one reading you are amazing.

I love you I really do all of you ,, for being a family to me ,, for helping me fight battle’s that seemed like a big mountain be blessed

I’ll always pray that in all your endeavors you’ll make it ,, for helping me I honestly don’t take it for granted.Bro ,sis I love you

Published by Joan ♈

Pace fashion co-founder, culinary arts master, I write to pass time

15 thoughts on “I LOVE YOU

  1. This is an amazing post. Thank you for sharing. I adore reading your posts, and your triumphs. I adore you, too! ❤
    I nominated for you for The Beautiful Blogger Award, check out my site for instructions. Congratulations, you've earned it! 🙂

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