I was nominated by 3yellowdaisies.Thank you for the nomination.I really appreciate it🤗

RULES. Link to the blogger who nominated you. Seven random facts about you. Seven creative and beautiful bloggers

SEVEN RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME. 1. I love being alone it gives me time to regain my energy and also clear my mind. 2.I love water yeahyeah I fucking love water I always tell my few friends emphasis on few to hydrate. 3.I hate celebrating my birthday I always wish people could forget it I hate being told happy birthday too 4.I love black and grey get me anything in those colors I’ll be happy 😁. 5.I love my two bestfriend’s Carah and Oliver they are such amazing souls if I could I’d buy them mount everest. 6.I love candie’s and strawberries. 7. I am one sturbon person it’s in me,, I love bitting people’s arms I love ears and cute lips

I am nominating the following the

Published by Joan ♈

Pace fashion co-founder, culinary arts master, I write to pass time


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