Another nomination from my good friend Nonso😌 thank you for the nomination and sorry for accepting it late✌️

11 facts about me . I’m perfectly imperfect nobody can dim my shimmer. 2 .I am one goofy person. 3. I love my friends so much I’d die for them. 4.I might hate you but still smile at you. 5.peanut butter and nuts are my favorite snack. 6 . The drink I value the most is water 😁.if your reading please hydrate. 7 .I don’t do drugs and if you do drugs that’s a turn off . 8.I always State facts I don’t know how to sugar coat 😂. 9 . I am rude very rude and also good it depends with who you are. 10.A kiss on the arm with the right timing is a turn on. 11 .I don’t have a talent 💔

Questions :. 1.what is your limit to strive for your goals (I’d dig the deepest ocean to get what I want). 2.Have you ever belittled someone just for your sake of pleasure (yes I have severally). 3.what do you think is the most wrong thing still prevailing in the world (gender issues it hurts I don’t love how men are always to blaim the girl child is being supported hence boys are left out). 4.what inspires you to rise and shine everyday.. my dreams I want to make it so yeahyeah). 5.Do you feel like prioritizing between your family, time and goals and if so which would you prioritize first and why ..(I’d say my family and friends who graduated to family they have been with me through thick and thin.). 6.Anything that demotivates you . ( Fake friends and people who gass me up). 7. What all distracts you from focusing over anything if any how can you overcome through that(for now I nothing). is full of Chance would you mind giving someone a second chance.(if the person is worth it why not). 9.if you could change anything today what would that be (feminism its just stupid they don’t have facts ,, feminism is bullshiet). 10.why ia writing important to you ( I rarely open up I don’t love bothering people with my issues so that why writing is important to me.). 11.what is the purpose of your writings.( Helping people who might be having the same issue as me helping people who feel insecure,, showing them they are not alone and that their insecurities should be their strengths ✌️

Published by Joan ♈

Pace fashion co-founder, culinary arts master, I write to pass time

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