Hii I have been nominated by an amazing friend or should I call him family for the sunshine blogger award thank you@Http://💫

Questions from nonso. 1.when was your toughest time blogging; answer ( I’d say the time things began changing at home dad lost his job and mom too due to the pandemic it really affected my mental health). 2.If you were to look back to the beginning would you say you’ve achieved alot (yes I have achieved alot I am not a good writer as such but I know I have improved a lot plus I’ve known good people the likes of nonso 😌 I love you nonso) . 3.Any obstacles faced by blogging big yes explain.( Obstacles make you strong so yes I’ve had obstacles the app I use is in my phone it keeps crashing soni end up taking a long time to update stuff I need a new phone 😓). 4 .How does your inspiration come by (😹 weel my inspiration comes from 3 major things one the sky everytime I’m low I just look at the sky and get inspired,number two I’d say some two friends of mine Oliver oyanda and Albert Mwencha they prolly won’t see or read but I draw lotsa inspiration from them the two are interlectual and open minded alpha males yes they are weird thats what I love most about them😊). 5.Aside blogging what else do you do ..(I love novels so I usually ready novels daily,, I also love bitting people I’m Suarez’s female version ,, the other thing is video games 😊). 6.who is your favorite blogger( weell all the bloggers I know are my favorite I won’t choose a specific person but I love all your blogs so all of you are my favorites ♥️). 6.The country that mostly views your blog(united states of America send hugs and kisses 🤗🤗💯). 7.Are you more creative at night or during the day or are you fluid (😹😹I’m not so sure but I’d sai I fluid). 8.what is blogging like to you(blogging is basically my life ,, I have a small family here blogging is my life my open diary where ni come to cry and celebrate 😊). 9.Do you ever go back to your previous posts .How do you feel about them(yes I do almost daily,how I feel about them huum I have improved at the beginning I was just there my likes were less but now my stats always boom) . 10.whats your opinion about life( life is a journey it’s a long road it requires one to make sober decision in order to live a good life nothing comes easily ,, so be wise life is unfair but always pray for the best 🤗)

Here are my 11 nominees ✌️

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Pace fashion co-founder, culinary arts master, I write to pass time


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