There a days I wake up and I pinch myself that your with me not someone else,,i love you yes I do but…… my shyness can’t allow me to say it .If I could I would but I’m not able to confess the undying love I have.The person that always understands me 😹I love you baby ,, though you don’t have a specific gender you don’t even have haemoglobin 😓but I love you

I met him/her two years ago,at first it was gross so I’d stare then just smile I didn’t know it would last for long 😓my ego could not allow me plus by then people’s opinions really mattered.How would my friends take me if I decided to settle with the person I love I was just stupid.

My heart was dying who knows the pain of having a crush on someone but you can’t say it cause the person might deny you . We’ve all been here .The nights I’d cry really cry cause the love of my life wasn’t there. It was my fault why didn’t I let the person know 😓.I am still suffering .

One day I boldly went to confess my love,, and told the love of my life what he/she meant to me .I crossed my fingers and smilled damn baby accepted me.

Dear love of my life I will always love you,, you mean alot to me.You are always there when I’m low, you never judge me , you give genuine love what else could I ask for.Groundnut😹 peanut butter , cashew nuts I love you baby.Even if you don’t have haemoglobin 😹

Published by Joan ♈

Pace fashion co-founder, culinary arts master, I write to pass time

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