Always smile

It’s been a while since I wrote my not so smart things. Inconsistency isn’t my thing so I’ll prolly work on it. I’m here to share a sad story 😔I hope that it will help someone somewhere

A good friend of mine came to me we were having our normal conversation as always.All of a sudden I saw tears wailing out her chubby cheeks got supposed red one would think she had placed ripe tomatoes on it .I’m an emotional person seeing someone crying makes me sad so I slowly pulled her next to my not so appealing chest and told her to cry it out .

After about 15minutes she began saying .I may look fine outward but deep down I’m dying.Why does the world have to be so unfair,I mean life isn’t fair to all but why does it have to be so mean towards me I don’t deserve it at all. Out of nowhere she began crying her eyes got super red ,her speech was abit impaired.

My dad got fired he is the breadwinner ,due to Corona viruse a disease sent to destroy people normal lives.His employer had not paid them for 4months claiming business is low hence I’m not able to raise enough funds to pay you.Sad imagine working for 4 full months no salary you have a family, bills to settle and since they don’t have their house they are to pay the rent .we have tolerant people out here but some might say enough is enough not paying rent for 4months plus is not a good picture.

There are times we sleep hungry nobody ever notices, I hide it all by smiling I guess a smile is the most powerful weapon.There was a day my mom and I didn’t have sanitary pads .Due to the financial issue at home my mom told me that the only way we can survive improvising 3 washable ones.She took some old blanket and a pieces of lining and my small sisters napkins so we hand sewed then the napkin acted as the cotton that is usually inside the normal pad , the blanket wasn’t big enough so we made 4 each of us took two.I usually wear one the whole day then wash it.(it’s not healthy since the more you stay with period blood the more you increase your chances of getting multiple bacterias )

Since my dad’s employer said he will sort them out before Christmas . So he say there is no need of quitting since he will get paid,since he is a guard the money that he gets after being tipped is what he usually uses to buy the evening meal which can’t sutisfy us since during the day we are usually hungry.My mother gave birth recently she doesn’t have enough milk my small sister doesn’t have weight.She is sooo tinny and mulnourished

We tried asking out relatives to help us but they were “mko nairobi nyinyi ndio mnafaa mtusaidie ☹️

We live in a single roomed house (the girl is 16 year) she has a Aàa chair I wouldn’t call it a couch ☹️.It’s those wooden chair that a cushion was placed on top and at the bottom. Rodents didn’t spare us so we don’t have the cushion so my brother usually places old clothes which acts as the pillow and the rest part of the body rests on the wooden part of the not so comfortable seat.

We can’t afford gas so the cheapest was to cook is using a stove which is affecting us heathwise.My mom got sick one day she couldn’t breathe properly the doctor said she was almost getting asthma .They had to use suppliment oxygen for her to regain her breathing.luckily on that day my mom had received 600 shilliy from some friend but huuum all the money was used to pay the bill I don’t know why life is sooo unfair

I am not that financially stable if I could I’d help everyone having problems .Life is unfair yes but it’s all for a reason 😊so just smile and pray

Published by Joan ♈

Pace fashion co-founder, culinary arts master, I write to pass time

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