Beautiful people how are you hope y’all good 😊 keeping safe and hydrating we all want clear skin daah

I was seated then thought of something ,, jealousy is a serious disease 😤and it’s killing me slowly.Well we are all prone to being jelouse at times but as for me once it happens I end up shedding tears 😓I am a cry baby

So here is how it all began ,, I happen to have a friend ,, someone told me that maybe I love him that’s why I get jelouse but that’s not the point.So this Friend of mine is quite a social person and tends to attract lotsa preety girl .Yes he is just a friend but those girls are really attractive while as for me😂😂(I’m just an ugly lil ducking)

He tends to give them lotsa attention , and leaves me there like some piece of trash ,, you see the way people remember when to dispose all the trash that’s how I feel.He is not supposed to care that I know but I’m dying slowly😓

Psss he is just but a mere friend ,, I can’t go telling him ooh your doing this and it’s hurting me I mean what will he take me for💔.I choose to fight alone besides it’s not like he notices it .He keeps slapping it on my face it fucking hurts

There is this specific ma’am she is sooo pretty and interlectual so to me it seems they’ve intertwined 💔I ought be happy but deep down I’m hurting 😓.My heart has crashed seven million times.I choose to die alone , I can’t say it I’d rather write it .I’m fucking hurt

I do t know if this happens to me only but anyway life moves on regardless,, I’ve reached a point I’m like enough is enough why do I keep getting hurt.Im not that strong but I pray that I’ll be able to control the demons in me

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Heyy lil world hope y’all good 😊 and hydrating stay safe

So I decided to write about my stuggles , the first one is my self- esteem .Well as a girl it’s perfectly normal to have esteem issues they tend to bring you down trust me it’s the worst experience ever. Most of my friends have lemme say nice body shapes okay not that mine is bad but weeel I admire theirs

I happen to be a thick lady or should I say fat to me I’m fat and I fucking hate Everything about my body. I’m too big yes I k ow some of you will be like go work out and stuff I’ve tried it but I’ve never seen a change .I have tried lotsa things none of the bore fruits , I know persistency is key but is it necessary.My weight tends to pull me down I actually refuse to meet up with my friends case of it I’m just Never comfortable. I’m so insecure I mean someone might confuse me for their mother

The other struggle I have is my dressing .. well I never thought of it but as I was conversing with someone the person randomly said the next time you go for shopping make sure I’m there .Maybe I am overreacting but upto date the words keep lingering in my mind . If I was asked to rate my clothing I’d give myself a 2 out of 10 . I don’t have trendy clothes and honestly I don’t care 😂 I have funny pair of shoes they don’t have labels I don’t care,, provided im not walking naked iss goods

But the biggest struggle is my weight ,, how I wish I was tinny abit yes I’m perfect the way I am but I’m not comfortable .I try avoiding it but it fucking hurts😓did I mention that evertime I serve myself food relatives keep complaining are you watching weight or something who told you eating less will make you slim.Its not easy ,, there was a time they thought I was suffering from aneroxia nervosa .What they don’t know is that’s I lack appetite..Help me change my attitude comment down below what I can do to fix it

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Heyy my wonderful people ,, thanks for the 200 plus follows and the 1000+likes the happen to motivate me alot I appreciate .The support you give ,, the comments you people are like my small family I love y’all.

So what I’ll be writing about today huumm , as always I didn’t have a topic so pardon me. I will write about different topic ..

Struggles: ehhm i know it’s not everyone who is willing to tell people their sruggles,, we all struggle it’s like survival for the fittest.Some do it to make ends meet but my question is do ends really meet.We have different types of struggle but my main objective today is the teen struggle.Sadly most teens are loosing themselves ,, they tend to follow the crowd rather than being above the crowd heartbreaking I know.. lemme break it down , the advancement in technology had it’s merits and demerits

Most teens want to be like others hence forcing things for example eeh boys tend to value shoes so it happens every of his friends has the latest trending shoes and since he wants to fit in he will try all ways possible to acquire it.You might find that the parent can’t afford the trending shoe he or she can be able to buy non labeled shoes,,so the child might opt to steal in order to get money so as to fit in. The second case is for girls so what I’ll major on is the body😂 naturally girls are weak people sorry to say then one can get controlled easily if she doesn’t have a firm stand

The boyfriends to most girls tend to be the problem so the boy might tell the girl if your butt was that big you’d look really nice.The girl will struggle by all means possible to get the ass besides the boyfriend said she’d look nice

I don’t want my piece to be long all I am saying we are all different we don’t have to be like others,,there is a reason why you are called Austin and not Andrea .You know where the shoe pinches ,, let nobody dictate you

You don’t have to own expensive things so as to get loved that isn’t love .Try being you all your problems will disappear.say it aloud I am different your opinion alone is enough thanks for reading I appreciate like share and comment


Heyy awesome people welcome back to my small world 😁 hope y’all fine and good ,, and keeping safe 😌not forgetting to hydrate 😂who doesn’t want clear skin I mean whooo??

I’ll be sharing a story ,,, I’ve struggled and I know there is someone else struggling sis or bro you are not alone.

Growing up I didn’t love myself which I would call it a disease we are all different , I don’t know how you define beauty but as for me beauty is the glow someone has almost resembling rose flower ,, long cute hair ,,white yes ,,pink lips ,, nice body good scene of fashion etc(tell me your description of a beautiful person)

So eeehm there is this time my uncle told me that if I shave my hair he will give me 20 shillings and by then 20 kenyan shillings was alot of money ,, I was your around 6years .😂 stupid Joan didn’t decline the offer boom I went to the barber then puff all my hair was down 😓 that’s where the issue began On Monday as I went to school everybody laughed at me 😓I will never forget that day I was given names ,,my self-confidence issues began,,, all of my friends had cute long hair ,,we all know how hair looks like after being straightened but as for me I had nothing

My parents are people who love simple life ,,, not that they aren’t classy and shieet but there are things they wouldn’t do ,, they were Adventist so I was not allowed to wear tight trouser .So there was a trending cloth it was known as hipster I tried convincing my mom to get me one but she said nooo .I really cried

My friends kept telling me joan you are ugly you don’t know how to dress your sense of fashion is boring you should just live in the village , those words really affected me and I was young so since childhood I knew I was ugly

After growing up my parents allowed me to wear trouser but they didn’t allow me to have my hair back so the barber was my “bestfriend”imagine how someone looks like wearing a trouser and shaved hair jordan to be precise.So in class seven some girl came and told me joan you are really ugly there is no Man who can stare at you twice😤. luckily puberty took course well my body changed and I began being confident as a girls we are prone to getting stretch marks 😓my stretch marks were on open place that is my chest and legs Every girl knows the Pain of having stretch marks it’s not easy

So eeehm in highschool I was a member of the St john ambulance and part of the uniform was a skirt I happen to be hippy so my skirt was short hence people could see my legs and blaaa.So there was this girl she went and told my deskmate joan thinks she looks so nice yet her legs are full of stretch marks i,,, I cried after hearing that I am one emotional person 😭

But after sometime I saw it was pointless ,, having stretch marks isn’t bad sis ,, stretch marks tell your story don’t let anyone pull you down shine with those stretch marks 😊if you happen to have arm fat it’s perfectly normal don’t be shy shine your way don’t have to dress in a specific way so as to please people if you are comfortable in those culothes others opinions shouldn’t matter

Learn how to love yourself and trust me nobody will lower your esteem ,,love yourself sis love yourself bro nobody has a right to define how preety you are Above all be greatful ,,, the one we serve the most high had no room for mistakes while creating you .we are all fearfully and wonderfully made . chubby,,thick ,, petite you are pretty,, if you have acne it makes you preety you just don’t know if you have stretch marks they are pretty 😉 just look at how zebra marks are pretty

Thank you for reaching this far ,,, love yourself you don’t need somebody else’s approval 😌✌️you are perfect just the way you are 😘

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Hello wonderful people hope y’all good😌and keeping safe 😌as always .I couldn’t find a topic so bare with what I had to put.So eehm I’m writing this post at 1:11am. I was to do it earlier on but I got held up (unnecessary information 😂😂)

Life ,life ,life it’s always full of ups and downs ,,pass I’m not an eloquent writer so if I make mistakes pardon me.Back to my story or should I say tale😂😂😂what’s the difference (comment down below don’t forget,✌️)

We all have someone we care about ,, somebody we genuinely love.It could be our parents our lover’s or even friends they always occupy a big space .I don’t think this applies to anyone but how often do we tell them how important they are? how often do we appreciate their little effort?how often do we tell them how much we love them.,Yeah yeah someone might say they love you just to please you and stuff it fucking hurts .I think if you genuinely care you wouldn’t do such kind of a thing .

To the people we care about and value,,,. ….. They are people who are there for us they care and correct us when necessary they are Free to tell you Daniel you did this but I don’t think it was nice. huum we are humans and we will all die that’s the naked truth

Have you ever thought how life would be without that special person ,, that person you treasure that person you love ,, it wouldn’t be easy.what I am trying to say appreciate the people who genuinely love you pamper them while they are alive,, give them rose’s it doesn’t have to be on Valentine’s day

I want you to picture this that close person gets injured trying to save you ,, you’ll be happy and at the same time sad ,, then the medics arrive and try to help the person and by bad lack they tell you we are sorry 😔

How painful would that be ,, so try apreciating the people who genuinely love you ,, don’t let your ego rule you sweetheart,, life ends abruptly so any second you can breath do good to everyone ,, appreciate the little things ,, remember you’ve been favoured others are dead,, some in hospitals using bought oxygen ,you are out here breathing free air be thankful ,dont take it for granted remember to pray for your friends, family ,and people you treasure 😌. Adding someone to your prayer is the best gift

Thanks for reaching here I don’t take it for granted be a blessing to others,, you might be somebody’s Bible make sure your pages are clean sweetheart 😘.with love by joannn

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By now you have already known that maybe just maybe you will not be getting angels and perspectives,, only you’ll get stories too .The account name is a pseudonym ,a front basically,but not the one you might be thinking, secret swiss bank account to launder money

I’ll be talking about friends, friendship rather,one of the complex yet simple human relationship

Friendship in the modern times entails alot of things,which might not necessarily be based on that foundation which it was originally meant to be . Friends are supposed ,or so I think , to be people that are there for you wholly,your lowest as well as your highest times, I mean if blood is thicker than water what will stop friendship being one of the most essentially human relationships?

I am not saying that you create commandments to base upon as criteria to choose your friends,, after all your not Moses and some mountains are not worth climbing for.

You get the drift , friends are supposed to be people who stand by you and not only that but also stand for something.If you and your friend do not have the same mindset on things , not saying you will always have to agree on everything so long as you respect each other’s stand.You think about that

Your friends should be people that will support you , support here doesn’t have to be monetary, it can be your presence,, just being there as sometimes that just cuts it ,, it’s usually enough

Friendships have alot of expectations.its hard not to expect anything, it would be an exercise in futility.That would be a business doing something and to get nothing in return,, try that and see.It might not be your cup of tea, learning how to navigate this part might be a make or break thing for most friendships.It is usually healthy to talk about it earlier .Don’t let unspoken expectations turn into pre mediated resentments

Every friend has a key to unlock some part of who you are . sometimes you ask yourself how did I let someone into my circle.Some unlock toxic traits others make you bloom,some friends you have ,, have little in common ,, you might just call them aquaintances but you are afraid of how the world will judge you Most of us find ourselves in this situation maybe it’s someone who your clinging on to despite the fact that there is real nothing that binds you two together .Be smart or if there is ,, it’s chocking you let go save yourself ✌️

With loveee peace ✌️


It’s sad,, small kids are indulging in stuff that don’t help at all,,, it’s sad teens who are supposed to be smart are falling into ditches 😓it pains my heart .we can’t have everything the little things given to as are enough God has a reason

I keep listening to stories and tales,, girls being raped 😤but who is to blame,,, in every rape incident them males are always blaimed,where did the male privilege go to where???men are human but girls are considered a special category

We all breath ,,, girls are to blaim ,,,men are human too they have flesh not wood .There is no way you’ll provoke him and expect to go freely they have impulses to …Why on Earth would you provoke him ,,, then afterwards cry he raped me ,,he was after my body ,,, he is after sex ,, he can’t control his emotions tbhh this is stupid

The fact that you carried your tow legs to him ,,, freely opened them ,,, means you wanted it.If you weren’t interested you wouldn’t have gone in the first place

I think men or rather boys should be treated well ,, we can’t blaim them evertime ,,, it’s never their fault,,, girls are treated like superior beings will it hurt anyone treating boys the same way would it?

We always see the mistakes in men ,, nobody sees the good in them ,,, to be honest men are the best people,, they help in may ways if it wasn’t for them most things wouldn’t run, Remember it’s because of the sperm in him that you are hear . Treating them nicely is the best gift ever

How many times do you complement a man I’m so sure it’s few and to some they’ve never done it 😒 treating people the way you’d want to be treated is important ✌️we are all humans we breath in free oxygen no one is special

With lover✌️💓

There is this girl😌💓

Heyy welcome back to my small world😁.Today I’ll be writing about a girl so special

Daughters are the angels sent by God from heaven,, baby though you ain’t paternal ilyyysffmm.You came to fulfill my life and you did it in the most perfect way .I am proud to be your mother having you my beautiful girlll.My prayers are always with you

If there is one person in this world I love more than myself is you.Your happiness is always my first priority .Baby I love you

Dear daughter , you are my pride .No matter how hard last few gets ,, I will never let sadness touch you😌😊.In the end your happiness is what matters 😌♥️

You don’t have just a beautiful face but also a beautiful heart.Always trying to light up the lives of others with all that’s good in you I love you Mercy clarettt

I love you so much baby,,,, like comment

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