In a world seen strongest,

Welcome back to my world 😌 where I just write to heal my soul

The world is full of ups and downs .We don’t know what tommorow owns us so we just say YOLO ,,, dear people I know you might not be a multitude but the few or many that will read this I am greatful I’ve wanted to do this for a long time I didn’t know how to start it,,a close person I call her munchie helped me alot. I will forever thank her

Dear munchieeee,ik I may not be the best but I’m holding on cause of you ,,, I’ve been hurt torn into pieces .I never show it I cry but it reached a point I said enough is enough

My tears were ending for no apparent reason ,, I was weak and vulnerable 😔 people too my kindness for weakness some thought I was a dupe but naaah I was the fox.I might look strong but I know the batttles within

It hurts when I think of how I cared so much for people who didn’t deserve it.My joy was seeing people smile and happy but I was suffering, funny thing the people don’t care about me

I’m not attacking anyone but thenest time you care so much about people try measuring if they care about you too,, some people are just temporary few are permanent

Lucky are they that have permanent people,in a wild seen strongest I repeat in a world seen strongest this are the same people who are weak

We all are perfectly imperfect , being strong helps you won’t get hurt giving people a had back so that when they stub you they’ll feel the pain

Some girl for instance I won’t mention her name ,, but I pray that’s she gets all she wants ,, she was all nice and stuff towards me but the bond broke after she got into some mess 😔 I can’t hate someone you hate to make you happy

I might look strong at first I doubted it ,, but the fact I can hear people say negative thing about me is still laugh shows I am strong.Even the strongest people have insecurities 😊a friend of mine used to sa” chuki nichukie roho yangu niachie” I now understand

I hereby take this opportunity to thank the people behind my strength first of all munchiee she is special,,, then Chelsea 😌she is one amazing Friend who helped me and I won’t forget her,, then nimo she helped me alot ,, Munirah she taught me how to be strong, Cynthia for always being there ,, to my very special make friend(I won’t mention his name though but I’ll say something about him ,,, dear Mr special you’ve been a blessing I appreciate ,, I’ve learnt alot from you you are smart and amazing I love you),, some other interlectual man😊(Him,, sir you inspire me alot how I wish I knew you earlier ,I’ve scolded you once 😂but im learning alot from you I appreciate )

Dear reader if you have permanent people stick to them theye are probably the reason behind you being strong ,, be the strongest they ever knew ,, pray for them too

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Not everyone that’s smik

story of my life

Heyyy awesome peeps welcome back to my world 😌

Born in a family of 3kids I am the firstborn ,, it comes with lotsa responsibilities .Yeah it has its advantages but it also has demerits.I grew Knowing my siblings will look up to me I oughta show them a good example

My mom and dad have been of great help ,, I wasn’t a stubborn kid .I’m not praising myself or something the thing I hated was house chores.weel my mom used to do almost everything including my laundry .

My dad ,, I really celebrate him😌 I was a dadies girl.I still am he always supported me in everything .He is the reason why I am strong my mom too both my parents are amazing

There is this time while I was i primary I got Into a mix ,, I wouldn’t call him my boyfriend but some boy wrote me a letter.I carried it unknowingly and by dad lack it fell down.The headteachers son was a class ahead he picked the letter and read it but forgot it in his pocket

When the mother (the headteacher)was doing his laundry he found the letter read it and got furious 😔.The next day I was surmoned by the secretary I missed the first two lessons she gave me a lecture 😭 and threatened to take me to the chief since I was Indulging me in young relationships 😔,, she even said she won’t allow me to attend the school trip since I would spoil the other kids

Lucky enough during the annual parade they didn’t mention my name they said it indirectly ,to say my parents dont know.I actually hate that boy to date

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Dear Joan

Welcome back good people ,, I hope you are good and fine keeping safe during this hard time

So today I decided to appreciate myself ,, I don’t need somebody assurance or compliments 😊. Learning how to appreciate yourself is the best gift ever Caine no matter how many people like you it’s your stands that matters 😉.

Dear jonnn I hope your good I wanted to appreciate you for not only being a good person but also for being amazing ,,being a caring friend who is sweet isn’t it amazing

Joan you cared alot for people who are not worth it,, you’ve been hurt several ,it’s for a reason we all learn from our mistakes ,, being good ain’t badd,it’s funny how people take your kindness for weakness ,

It hurts that the person who you cared so much about hates you ,,karma is a bitch though and it’s served unprepared,, people hurt you don’t cry it makes you strong ,, crying is Medicine for the soul but don’t normalize it

Joan the people who hurt you are smiling ,your here hurting and crying as if somebody close to you died 😢 save your tears babygirl ,, fight the battles within they make you strong 💪

Life is unfair 😔 not everyone that smiles at you cared ,, your close friend is the same person who hates you just maybe,, don’t believe or trust anyone with sleeves on

Your quite vulnerable that’s your weakness ,, I hate that you know don’t care about what people say,, Joan you are amazing always know that

Stay safe 😘 adios


Hey welcome to my world hope y’all good 😊

I’m not here to praise neither am I here to criticize I’m here to appreciate.. We all know the world is full of thorns in the name of friend,, my defiantion of a friend is not someone I laugh with that not it ,, a friend is someone who knows my struggle someone I trust ,, someone who cares

I was taught that your friend tells people your character ,, I wouldn’t say I have the perfect friends ,, personally I’ve been raised by strict african parents.My mother for instance she can look at someone then say( huyu apana)

I’ve made mistakes ,, made okay I willl not say bad but to some extent they failed me ,, me being in their company not only did it make me stupid but also spoilt 😂eehm okay my point is I care alot but the people I used to care about didn’t care

They gave me fake love ,, so I happened to know someone aahm the person has helped me in many ways ,, I love overthinking when I do so my health is always affected it’s my fault anyway,, I’ve been admitted I guess twice 😔story for some other day

So this Friend we’ve know each other for a short time but it seems like a life time,, amazing bold and always there who would want such a friend ,

Dear bestfriend,, I don’t know how I’ll ever thank you ♥️I love you mofo your the best thing ever so far I pray that you’ll get all you wish for,,,good health and my your pockets never run dry ,,may you live long ,♥️I love you mofo ♥️💯


Hey ,, hello hop y’all doing good and staying safe ,,

So today I’ll write something deep , I’ve struggled I know many people have.People are different some love opening up while some don’t ,, we all have those battles ,,eehm lemme break it in my case I grew in one hostile environment,, I was nobody’s favorite (I don’t care rynna) .

So here is my story,, I always wanted to prosper and stuff I tried doing lotsa stuff but they’d get turned down.I know the pain you get after trying then you get turned down see I’m not perfect nobody is we all have imperfections,, there are good characters I have I have vices too that I can’t hide

I happen to trust people and care too much that made me stupid , what I mean is I never had limits . Everytime I look back tears fall,, I’m quite emotional if only I could restart time I wouldn’t be healing the wonds in me sad thing it can’t happen it’s like waiting for hens teeth

We all have messed at one particular time ,, it hurts but what I’d advise let the past slide ,, it happened you can’t change it . Forgetting is not an option rectifying is what is key ,, Be your own idle be your own favorite person

I would spend hours crying ,, they say crying is good for the soul but why should you suffer ,they say (maji yakimwagika hayazoleki) always know nobody is perfect the mistakes you’ve made don’t define you we all learn from mistake

Try checking up on your friend 😊 some smile but are suffering inside ,, you might be laughing with a dead person ,, take care of the people who care about you ,if you happen to have a bestfriend but thank the one you Serve it’s funny this people turn out to be more than friends

Always smile life is short ,, your smile alone is the best medicine, you never know your prolly someone Bible remember your life is like a Bible to someone he /she might be flipping to know whats best,

In everything you do always know you’ll get demoralized not everyone who smiles at you wants the best for you,,, not everyone who calls him or herself is a friend ,,your friend is you ,,, and maybe someone else who you trust,,, trust few be above the crowd hold your tiara high ,life is about struggling your past doesn’t define you 😉 remember that the mistakes you did back then throw them in a pit

Heal your scars don’t spend hours crying ,find a solution accept move on if you focus on your imperfections you won’t go anywhere use your strengths ,, people will be shocked you can even use your weakness it also works

Help someone somewhere 💓✌️you are here for a reason your imperfection doesn’t define you😌 peace ✌️stay safe♥️ smile

Thee amazing two💓💯✌️

As the story typically goes there are two types of men ,,, I’mma speak about two or should I say my favorite two,, we all know that alpha males are those at the top of the social hierarchy.They have great access to power In ethology alpha referes to an individual who has the highest rank … Continue reading Thee amazing two💓💯✌️ →

Thee amazing two💓💯✌️

Fake air 😤😔💔

The world is just something 😌you choose what makes you happy,,, I know I’d things that maybe make people happy for instance sex , money (fat account)many yarn for prestige , fancy shoes , classy friends, trendy clothes just to mention a few

I am not blaming any app here I just blaim the few who are inside the crowd. My question is is it hard being above the crowd,, we all know where the shoe pinches the most, funny thing it seems most of us love having bunions and corns.Here is why person X did this I want to outshine him or her what is wrong with us?.You have your name yes someone might be sharing your name with you but there is no other version of you

Corns in this context mean the struggle you undergo to get what you think makes you happy.The struggle is real pressure all over it’s not easy .The ball is always in your court your the one to make a decision why have ugly corns and bunions ,just love yourself

God always knows why .He does have plans that willl make you prosper 😊He cares and is always happy when a good report is brought to Him.So anytime you do something ask yourself if the one you serve approves it .He is the mighty one and knows the best time

In everything you do just think fake air is really your close friend might be your greatest enemy.The few true friends existing should be treasured.You don’t have to but them the best gifts neither should you take them to the fanciest place ,, a true friend will appreciate even the little thing you offer,, keep the person in your prayers a true friend is like family

Don’t forget about fake air they are fake people whose happiness is seeing you down stu

Pray for them pray that they might receive the light

Try avoiding fake air

Big things out if little things 😔💔

It’s sad 😔 ,, so I just don’t get it.Whats the point of someone showing they care then the next minute your the last person they want to see

It pains alot ,, the very person you though or think is the right one ends up being the wrong one.Its not our fault nobody knows ,, fake people are all over if only a budge could be stumped on their foreheads..

It’s sad I mean am not taking sides here if a lady does this the mom failed and vice versa.We are always blaming each other

Little things matter , I mean you don’t have to out do it simple is better 😔some of you might mistake my tittle but here is what I mean ..So y’all ladies struggle to look good I can do anything I want but there will always be that person who despises you ,, they’ll make fun forgetting he who laughs last laugh’s best

So we ladies fail at times . Y’all should know there is in no way you’ll always get what you want in a man.One man hurts you and you start blaming all men little things matter you know .

Men are humans too they make mistakes so do we we all learn from mistakes.Nobody is perfect I mean we all have imperfection.Making fun about someone’s appearance he or she cant Change it who are you to judge not forgetting you have failed in other fields too

Always know the little things you do and say matter.Your action speak louder you are not perfect nobody is . Learn to appreciate people for who they are not who you expect them to be✌️ LITTLE THINGS MATTER 😊.The little things you do you’ll get rewarded


It goes without saying that the world is in really bad way right now. As I write this, nations all around the globe are struggling to contain a global pandemic that has already claimed over 100,000 lives, infected more than 1.6 million people, and left millions more financially devastated. In addition to this, entire countries […]


Introduction to my blog

Heyy😅am Joan , outgoing,,I dream big and won’t stop fighting untill I reach my goal

I do push myself but it pays off😊.I smile alot because I don’t love it when people worry about me😊 we’ll i never show my weakside to everyone but if your worth it I wouldn’t mind crying in front of you

I care I always show it 💯 so it’s my first time blogging 😅am doing it for fun 😌 I do write alot and love reading 💯

I am excited to share what I have 😁

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